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VUF Trikes

We partenered with VUF to bring to the US one of the most trustworthy trike manufacturer in Europe. 

Cargo trikes are a great solution for moving large volumes and payloads around the city.

E-assisted, they are seamless to drive. 

Surfaces on teh cargo boxes are a perfect support for your brand awareness.  

We can customize to your needs both of our platforms: VUF Messenger and VUF XXL.  

VUF logo.png
  • A tilting trike for agile applications needing reduced valume capacity.

  • Narrow (35''), light, sturdy and low maintenance trailer for easy city logistics

  • Volume capacity 7 cuft (200L)

  • May be equipped with a bike trailer for additional carrying capacity

  • First modern e-assisted mass produced trike

  • High volume capacity => 46 cuft (1,300L)

  • Length: 108'' (2700 cm),

  • width 42'' (107cm) 

  • Vehicle weight: 154lb(74kg) payload capacity 330lb (150kg)

  • Range: 25 to 40 miles, additional batteries available for extended range

  • High torque motor: 130 NM

  • Optional automatic transmission and reverse gear to assist parking 

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