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Our Mission

We help logistic companies, start-ups and local businesses transition their last mile operations from trucks, vans and cars to cargo bikes, bike trailers and trikes. 


We help our clients:

  • Reduce carbon footprint, 

  • Increase operational efficiency: increase drops per hour, reduce traffic uncertainty, parc closer to destination or even in-store delivery. 

  • Reduce cost of ownership: vehicle cost, fuel, parking and maintenance. 

  • Boost brand awareness among eco-sensitive customers. 


We are based in NYC and can serve major cities in the East Coast and the US through partners


Contact us to help you in your decarbonization project.  


Transitioning from an ICE fleet: Vans, trucks and cars to a electric assisted pedal vehicle fleet brings many benefits to your operations:

  • Efficiency: our vehicles are less stuck in traffic and are zipier to move around the city. They can also reach city environments where larger vehicles are banned: pedestrian streets, walkways, gardens, parks… reducing approach times to your destination. 

  • Decarbonization: our vehicles are emission free while operating. Make the move ahead of your competitors and turn this into a selling point to conscious customers. Meet your organization's goals for carbon impact reduction. 

  • Communication: have your brand highly visible and associated with innovation and clean transportation 

  • Reduce your real estate footprint: easier to park while in use and during overnight/weekend storage. Reduce costs by reducing parking tickets and parking fees. 

  • Provide a healthy workout to your employees. Improve your workplace wellness with everyday light sport routine. 


  • Expertise: We help you decide which vehicle is best suited for your operations. We can help with any legal questions you may have. 


Test and Learn: You can test our vehicles for a period of time to evaluate their impact. 

  • Services: We can help your operations in different fields:

    • Training: training of your associates in these new vehicles is essential for smooth transition

    • Audit: we can audit your field operations and find where your bottlenecks are, 

    • Test: Our mantra is Test and Learn: we encourage you and design with you a pilot program that will help a larger scale decision making.  

    • Follow-up: we listen your field operations in order to monitor and assess how adoption of new vehicles/practices are happening in reality. 

  • Solutions:

    • Leasing: we can propose smart leasing services that we can adapt to your needs short medium long term 

    • Maintenance: we can design fleet maintenance programs adapted to your needs, 

    • Parking: we can assist in any overnight parking needs. 

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